Annual Parochial Church Meeting 

 Annual meetings (APCM) take place in parishes before 31 May each year. The annual meeting receives reports on changes to the electoral roll, general parish activities and financial matters. The annual meeting also elects new members to the PCC and to deanery synod every three years.
Our Vicar Matthew chairs the meeting.

The 2022 APCM will take place on Sunday 24th April 2022 at noon

The 2021 APCM took place on Sunday 23rd May 2021

Action and Minutes can be viewed here
Election results can be viewed here
Electoral Roll can be viewed here

2021 reports can be downloaded here:

Group Reports
Accounts Presentation

Nomination Forms for the APCM are here:

The PCC Nomination Form is here
The Warden Election Form is here
The Electoral Roll forms are here

Electoral Roll Notice can be viewed here

Claire Webber, 07/09/2020