Christian Aid Week 2022
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To make a donation please visit our Just Giving page or call 0114 230 1199 to make a card payment  or send cash /cheque in an envelope to the parish centre office. 

Here is what is on during Christian Aid Week at St John's Ranmoor this year:

CA Plan 2022JPEG final
Photography Competition

Winners have been selected and prizes will be issued this week (26th May 2022)

Flower Arranging evening CA 20

Talent Show  CA 2022

Big Breakfast ad plant sale po

Christian Aid Week 2021

Our Christian Aid total this year is around £4,500. Huge thanks to everyone who has took part in our various events in May.
From the breakfast cafe and plant sale, to the flower demo and talent show. From the book sale and fun quiz to the door drop. Pauline Heath also walked an incredible 300k steps!!
This year we were raising money to fund projects aiming to provide water in drought stricken communities in Kenya. Christian Aid is focusing on the threats to people’s lives caused by the climate crisis. Thanks again for your support.

Click here to make a donation to our 2021 appeal:

CA Plan 2021 Flyer

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Big Breakfast ad plant sale po

Click here to watch the 2021 Christian Aid Appeal Video


Christian Aid Talent Show Programme can be downloaded here:

Talent Show Slide

Christian Aid Week 2020

Christian Aid Carols 2020 – Our choir have recorded advent Carols and are supporting Christian Aid this year online instead of their normal Carol singing on Fargate in Sheffield.  Please follow the you tube link here to listen to the recordings.


What a phenomenal week we have had supporting Christian Aid.  The total raised was around 5k we feel so proud and blessed that our congregation and parish have really supported our events.

We  should have been doing BuskAid in Sheffield City Centre where performers perform back to back in aid of Christian Aid. CLICK Here is the contribution from St John's which was the Anthem at today (Sunday) morning service.  


Some wonderful performances took place  through the week for Christian Aid- here are some of the adult performers doing their "Party Pieces":

Georgina Hulse - what a wonderful performance thank you!

Here are some of Philip Walshaws variations on popular songs:
Philip 500 Miles
Philip Chirpy Chirpy
Philip Walshaw Busy
Philip Walshaw Jerusalem
Philip My Way
Philip Land of Hope and Glory 
Philip - blowing Bubbles
Philip - London

Message from our Children's Minister Janet - take the water challenges:

Challenge 1
Challenge 2

The Christian Aid Party Pieces
Here was a collage of the big Hair Cut when Cathy had her hair cut by Matthew!
The Christian Aid Big Hair Cut
Andrew Coombe the HM Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire gave a talk and an insight into his role.  Thank you to him for doing this.  For more information about the role please visit:


Plant Sale

We had a wonderful plant sale that took place organised by Philip and Susan Walshaw.  Thank you to them both for doing this.  

How to make a donation:

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For Children
We have lots of brilliant activities.  Download our Children's packs here:

Christian Aid Pack

St John's Children's pack

Why dont you take some pictures and send us them and we will display them if we can during the service on Sunday 17th after Christian Aid Week has ended.


Claire Webber, 06/05/2020