Frequently asked questions 

Q. I’ve not been Christened can I still go to Church?

A. Yes. More and more adults are finding that they want to come to Church but because they haven’t been christened as a child they think they will not be welcomed. This is completely untrue because everyone is welcomed at Ranmoor. The number of adults coming to Church to be christened has also increased in recent years.

Q. I’m interested in being a Christian but don’t know how to go about it, what can I do?

A. Why not give the Parish Office a telephone call and arrange to call round to have a chat or why not come to one of the services at the Church to experience what it is like to be with people who gather together as Christians?

Q. Do I have to go to Church to be a Christian?

A. Going to Church is a visible and public sign of someone’s faith. Jesus said that where two or three are gathered together in His name then He will be there also. A Church building gives to those who believe in God a space to gather together to share in times of prayer, times of worship, times of laughter, and times of Christian fellowship. The first step through the Church door is often the most difficult.

Q. I would feel embarrassed in Church because I wouldn’t know what to do. Would people tell me off if I didn’t know what I was doing?

A. No, what you will find are people who will help and support you if you appear to not know what to do. The services are often very easy to follow but one of the great things about faith is the mystery that often surrounds it.

Q. Can I bring my child to church with me?

A. Yes, all children are welcomed at any of our services at Ranmoor. We have a special soft play area for toddlers and our ‘Footsteps’ Sunday club for slightly older children also meet every Sunday. There is also on the first Sunday of every month at 10.30am our All age family service.

Q. What if my child cries, will I be told to leave?

A. No, everyone knows that children at times cry and at Ranmoor we have a great area where the ‘Footsteps’, which is our Sunday club,  meets which if a child gets upset during the service they can be taken until they are happier. Jesus told his disciples not to stop children coming to be with him and so at Ranmoor we never stop children being children. Whether a child is laughing or crying they are still Gods children and are welcomed unconditionally at Ranmoor.