The church building


We currently have important issues to address in relation
to the church building itself which is not ideally suited
to our current needs, significant building project to
compliment our existing building, is planned.

The first church building

The first church was built on pasture land and dedicated in 1879 to a design of E M Gibbs. This church was destroyed by fire in 1887 and only the tower and spire were saved. These were incorporated into the second church on the same “footprint” to a new design also by the same architect. Both the interior and exterior of the church building communicate a consistent theological message: namely, that this community’s worship of God is to be conducted in a place of beauty, one which celebrates human creativity and craftsmanship. The church was substantially reordered in the late 1980s with the installation of a forward altar.

Our custodial responsibilities

We are very aware of our responsibilities as the current custodians of this beautiful building and are keen to preserve it for future generations.  At the same time it is not ideally adapted to our current patterns of worship and our wider needs.  We have therefore been working for some time on plans to build an annexe to the north of the church to incorporate meeting rooms including facilities for our Sunday Schools and youth work, space for food and drink preparation, improved toilet facilities and additional space for the church’s musicians.