Arranging a Funeral

Frequently asked questions:

How do i begin arranging a funeral of someone who has died?

You should contact a local funeral director who will then arrange to call to see you or for you to go to one of their offices.There are lots of funeral diretors in sheffield whoses contact details can be fond on the internet or in the yellow pages.You could also contact Revd Neil who will be able to give you details of funeral directors in our area.

Do you have to have been coming to church for someones funeral to be held at St John’s?

No,anyone who lives in St Johns parish is able to have their funeral service led by Revd Neil in church.

We would like to have the service at the crematorium, would Revd Neil still be able to do the service?

Yes,Revd Neil as the Vicar of Ranmoor is able to do the service for you and your family,if the person who has died had lived in the parish or you have some connection to St John’s.

How much does arranging a funeral cost?

This would depend a lot on what you and the family would like as part of the things you want the funeral directors to do.The precise details of the cost of a funeral would be able to be given to you by your funeral director.Peopel find that the smallest part of any cost of a funeral is for the minister to conduct the service.

How can Revd Neil help in arranging and presiding at the funeral?

Revd Neil would arrange to come to visit you to talk with you about your wishes for the service.He can also give you guidance and help about the service itself in relation to music and hymns and readings.He would also lead the service for you either at the church or the crematorium.One benefit of asking for your local vicar to do the service for you is that there will also be continued pastoral support for you and the family after the service.

I’m thinking about arranging what i would like at my own funeral before i die,how can i go about doing this?

You could give Revd Neil a call and he will arrange to call round and see you to have a chat about arranging what you would like as part of your funeral service.Preparing in this way can help relatives a great deal to know someone wishes when dealing with funeral directors.