Become a Chorister or Choral Scholar . . . .

Be part of a crack ensemble that works at the very highest level. Cherish an enormously valuable experience for the rest of your life. A choristership at St John’s unlocks the door to an extraordinary life for boys and girls who love singing. As full choristers they sing to professional standards, experience at first hand the unique treasure-house of the Anglican choral tradition, and benefit from a musical education which lasts a lifetime. Children aged 5 years upwards follow a carefully devised specialist programme of music theory lessons and individual and group vocal coaching, which launches them into many years of unparalleled musical opportunity.

Under its Director, Edward Barbieri, the choirs of St John’s Ranmoor enjoy an exciting blend of liturgical music and concert performance as well as recording and touring. Choristers are paid for their time and commitment and receive a a musical education for a lifetime! St John’s Ranmoor is looking for talented and enthusiastic boys and girls aged 5 to 12 to join their elite Boy and Girl Chorister schemes which form part of the internationally famous choral foundation at St John’s. For more information please contact the Music Office.

Young people aged 13 to 18 with an interest in choral singing are also invited to apply for our Choral Scholarships. These are for boys with breaking or changed voices (countertenors, tenors and basses) and for girl sopranos and altos. We welcome boys who are going through voice change, even if their range is very small in the early stages and we will help them to keep singing as they discover their adult range. The Choral scholars receive specialist training, ideal for preparing for cathedral/university scholarships and are provided support and guidance by our experienced staff working on a specialised-devised schedule that allows them extra breathing space to undertake all the other activities that teenagers want to experience too!

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