Who's who . . . .


Vicar -Revd Canon Dr Matthew Rhodes.
Matthew can be contacted on his email vicar@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk on the
Parish office number 0114 230 1199 or on his mobile: 07754068391

Retired Priest
The Revd Bridget Brooke - revbridgetbrooke@gmail.com

Retired Priest
Revd Malcolm Anker - is a member of our congregation who will be helping with services and weddings during the interregnum.  Malcolm can be contacted via the Parish Administrator, Claire.

Retired Priest
Revd Julian Sullivan – is a member of our congregation and will be helping with services and weddings during the interregnum.  Julian can be contacted via the Parish administrator, Claire.

Parish Administrator and PCC Safeguarding Representative
Claire Webber  (0114) 230 1199 - administrator@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Our safeguarding policy can be viewed here: Parish Safeguarding Policy 2018 final

Director of Music
Edward Barbieri - music@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk
Music Office (0114) 299 3160 (Messages only)

Church Wardens
Brian Parfett & Carl Webber - churchwardens@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Assistant Wardens
Helen Lees – Joy Bowler – Peter Chatterton – John Green

Church Verger
Steve Dugdale (0114) 230 1199 - verger@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Church Treasurer
David Booker

Gift Aid Secretary
Sandie Parfett (0114) 230 1199 - finance@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk


Centre Administrator
Claire Webber (0114) 230 1199 - administrator@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Buildings Caretaker
Steve Dugdale (0114) 230 1199 - verger@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Centre Treasurer
David Booker

Our Parish Office is normally open on
Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9.30am to 2.00pm

Outside of these hours you can leave a message on
our answerphone – (0114) 230 1199 or send an e-mail to administrator@stjohnsranmoor.org.uk

Our address is:

St John the Evangelist Parish Office
Ranmoor Parish Centre
5 Ranmoor Park Road
Sheffield S10 3GX

The Parish Office is located across the road from the church.
There is limited off-road parking and yellow lines restricting parking on nearby roads.
If you have difficulty walking,
you may wish to contact our Verger to discuss how best to park.